Welcome to our Gift-It-Forward Program at On Our Way Books! 
We believe in the power of giving and how it can uplift both the giver and the receiver. 
Our program encourages readers to share the joy of reading by gifting our books to friends, family, or even schools and libraries. 
It's more than just a book—it's a thoughtful present that fosters a sense of connection and appreciation. 
Join us in creating a ripple of kindness through the simple act of gifting, and let's spread the joy of reading together!​​​​​​​
Thank you!
By enrolling in our Gift-It-Forward Program, parents and teachers play a vital role in not just sharing the joy of reading but also nurturing their child's self-esteem. 
Every gifted book becomes a stepping stone in your child's journey of self-discovery and confidence. Witness the magic as their self-esteem blossoms with each shared story, creating memories that last a lifetime. 
Join us in making reading a powerful tool for building confidence and fostering a love for learning!
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