Welcome to our On Our Way Global Reading Adventure! 
This program is a celebration of shared stories and diverse cultures, uniting young readers from around the world on an exciting literary journey. Through enchanting tales that inspire curiosity, tolerance, and self-confidence, children everywhere can explore the magic of learning while fostering global connections. 
Let's turn each page together and embark on a cross-cultural adventure where the joy of reading knows no borders!​​​​​​​
Join our On Our Way Global Reading Adventure through Zoom, where young readers from different corners of the world can come together to enjoy bilingual book readings in English and Spanish. Our blog and Facebook pages serve as virtual hubs for sharing thoughts, questions, and creative expressions inspired by the stories. 
Let's connect, learn, and grow together, transcending language barriers and embracing the universal joy of reading that binds us across borders!
Thank you!
Participating in our Global Reading Program not only opens the door to a world of stories for your child but also offers numerous benefits for parents and teachers. 
By including your child in this enriching program, you provide them with a unique opportunity to connect with young readers from around the globe, fostering a sense of curiosity, tolerance, and friendship. 
As a parent or teacher, you become an integral part of a global community dedicated to promoting positive social interactions, self-confidence, and the joy of learning. 
Join us in creating a global network of young readers and watch as your child discovers the power of stories to unite, inspire, and broaden their horizons!
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