Group Presentation!
(great for overhead presentations to a GROUP!)

Be the group tour guide!
Share the On Our Way journey with a group with this fun-filled adventure-packed conversation starter! 🤔😁
Keep track of your
Daily Wins
with the
Map of Gift-giving Treasures!
(8 x 11" print at home, or school)
Follow this fun map to remember all the Social Wins you created throughout the day!
This map has room for you to record 3 wins of each leadership skill.Are you ready for more?
Are you ready to graduate to four, five, or even a galore!
It's a FREE Coloring page
featuring Happy Hound and
the magical Dog House!
Keep the magic flowing 
with this crazy wild
good-energy coloring page
created to infuse your day 
by tapping in to your own
creative magic and happy place!
Keep track of your 
Weekly Wins
with the
Weekly Scorecard!
Keep yourself motivated, positive, and PROUD!
Here's a
And don't forget to Celebrate Being Great, together!
There will be more advance maps
and coloring pages AND presentations
in store, soon!
Check back!
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